Katrina Watson GP Scotland

How do you capture a feeling like this? Poetry might do

November 2023
Volunteer story
This beautifully crafted poem vividly captures the essence of Katrina’s Tshemba experience. Her expression of gratitude for the memories is a heartfelt acknowledgment of the transformative power of volunteering and the deep connections formed during this extraordinary journey. 

In the heart of Moditlo

By Katrina Watson

In the heart of Moditlo, where the wild things roam,
Tshemba's seventh rondavel became my second home.
With visits from elephants - a risky delight,
And lions, my wake-up call in the night!

Volunteers from every specialty's embrace,
Together united in this untamed, unique place.
Through laughter and learning, and projects galore,
We've shared braais, biryani and a whole lot more.

I've met patients with stories, brave and true,
Their strength and resilience, forever I'll value.
I've learnt about courage, the value of a smile,
The importance of taking time just to listen for a while.


The bumpy road to Hluvukani, Cliff a master behind the wheel;
Brooklyn, Dwarsloop, Murhotso, where the medicine felt real.
The nurses and sisters, with dazzling voices that soar,
Their melodies, reaching deep into my core.


A few roadblocks and puddles were encountered along the way;
But that's the the nature of life, and true day after day.
I learnt to do what I could, and to try not to stress -
Ably supported by Nicole, Rhian and Inez.

Maryke, fearless among nature's grand scheme,
Rescuing my car, like a guardian's dream.
And oh, those blueberries, Ambrosia's truest delight;
A taste of heaven in each pure, sweet bite!


Moditlo's wild animals, always a sight to see,
Leopards in triplicate, oh, what a spree!
Though it took 4.5 months for that dream to come true,
It reminded me that patience really is a virtue.


As I bid farewell, I'll carry the art,
Of patient stories close into my heart.
In my soul, Mpumalanga shall forever be,
With true meaning, I say 'Tshemba: thank you for the memories!'.