Dr. Jessica Patel, GP at Tshemba Lodge

Changes Experienced at Tshemba

March 2024
Volunteer story

My name is Jessica and I have been privileged enough to come back to Tshemba this year! Having been involved with the organization previously and I’d like to say I am truly impressed with the strides Tshemba has made over the past 18 months.

Firstly I’ve noticed the variety and scope of projects have noticeably broadened, addressing diverse needs within the hospital. I feel that Tshemba are a lot more integrated with the hospital now and are valued members of board meetings which allows Tshemba to get a better insight on how they can continue to help and the projects seems to be more targeted. I also feel because of the more beneficial projects Tshemba have been doing the relationship with the hospital staff is also different, they seem a lot happier letting Tshemba. I was impressed to see previous projects being maintained and up and running such as pap smear clinic and casualty triage. I haven’t had much to do with outreach but the clinics and ophthalmology camps seem to be a lot more productive and involved with schools around the area more.

Another improvement I’ve noticed is the regular updates and social media presence has grown which in turn will contribute to raising awareness about Tshemba's work and garnering support from a wider audience. This proactive approach to communication I feel has strengthened the organization's outreach efforts and could positively impacted fundraising initiatives.

Furthermore structural changes at Tintswalo with Tshemba’s help are very visible with the Church and improvement in roofing meaning less leaks in the hospital meaning a safer and more comfortable place to work and be treated. The physical infrastructure and facilities at Tshemba's headquarters also have undergone noticeable enhancements, mainly the new lodge which allows the foundation to host even more volunteers. The facilities create a welcoming and efficient environment, reflecting the organization's commitment to providing the best possible resources for both volunteers and those benefiting from Tshemba's services.

As a side note the recruitment process seemed more streamlined (perhaps as I had already been before) and the onboarding experience for new volunteers on both occasions were comprehensive and welcoming. This really fosters a sense of community among volunteers and staff.

It is heart warming to see this organization continue to evolve and grow and am very grateful to be a small part of it!


Written by Dr. Jessica Patel, a GP from the UK.