Meet the Tshemba Foundation Women: Lexi


Lexi has only recently joined Tshemba, but is already making a big impact on the team.

So, what does Lexi have to say?


1.     What do you do at Tshemba?

Project Specialist.


2.     How long have you been there?

Two months.


3.     Why did you decide on Tshemba?

The work is wonderful, the people are amazing and we’re changing lives.


4.     What is the most challenging thing about what you do?

Juggling the various projects to make sure I give maximum time to each one.


5.     As a woman, do you feel safe?



6.     What was the most striking thing you experienced there?

Although there is so much poverty, the people you meet make the best of what they have.


7.     What would you say to doctors, especially women, who are considering a visit?

Just do it! It is an experience that will be most memorable and will enrich your life.


If you would like to join this amazing cause or know of a doctor who would be interested, please visit