Meet our medical volunteers

These doctors, specialists, nurses and medical assistants who volunteer are doing such an incredible job, and they are absolutely stunning people. We just have to give you a glimpse of their time at the Tshemba Foundation volunteer centre.


Dr DeveauX

Area of specialisation: Psychotherapy

“Apart from finding the whole experience rewarding, even though one’s contribution at the time seems so small, what I found to be the most gratifying was teaching trainee doctors and providing presentations to medical staff and local medical practitioners for CPD points. The highlight was attending a large privately funded clinic on a large nearby citrus growing estate and assessing and starting a process of management for patients with previously undiagnosed, or even reported, cases of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and similar anxiety disorders and depression. While this was rewarding, so too was meeting many dedicated and interesting people, and staying in luxurious accommodation in the heart of a private nature reserve. I would heartily recommend it to any of my colleagues and friends and intend to return some time again. “


Dr Gantsho

Area of specialisation: Dermatology

“I would recommend to anyone to get involved in voluntary work. I find it very rewarding in that I can offer something back. I've also learned through this experience that helping others can be just as rewarding for the individuals receiving the services as for those performing them.”

Dr Hennie Nortje.jpg

DR hennie nortje

Area of specialisation: Diabetologist

“Although the staff is completely overwhelmed by the amount of work, they are hungry for knowledge and incredibly friendly. Even the patients are humble, friendly and unbelievably grateful. The whole experience left me in awe. I’m excited to see how the new diabetic educators are doing and my wife is keen to be involved in teaching at the preschool at Hlokomela.”

Dr Bashir Bulbulia.jpg

Dr Bashir Bulbulia

Area of specialisation: Anaesthetist

“The lodge where we stayed was superb, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. There is a nice camaraderie with the other doctors and the people from the environment. I believe my biggest contribution there would be to train the young doctors to improve their skills.”

Dr Maria Pestana.jpg

Dr Maria Pestana

Area of specialisation: General Dentist

“I feel very blessed to be able to help people. So, when I saw the article, I knew Tshemba might offer a very different experience; to both be able to help people in rural areas and enjoy a little bit of the bush. It’s a balance between the beauty of nature and the reality of life.”

Sr Maureen Dunnett.jpg

Maureen Dunnett

Area of specialisation: Nurse, specialising in Midwifery

“During my stay, I did not visit the hospital but instead travelled with the hardworking Hlokomela Clinic staff to the farms and clinics. Every day was a different experience for me. The time spent around HIV-testing and treating was highly informative.”

Sr Sonja Botha.jpg

Sonja Botha

Area of specialisation: Sonographer

“I’ve been working closely with the Tshemba Foundation in relation to training. They supported me in going for breast ultrasound training in Joburg, and the organisers are always willing to help cover costs for training and accommodation when it’s out of town. As far as Tshemba is concerned – I mean, they built this [Hlokomela] women’s clinic and they are always, always willing to help where they can.”

Mrs Dr Burger.jpg

Diana & Gerrit Burger

Area of specialisation: General Practitioner and Physician

“For Diana and I you created an otherwise unachievable forum through which we could try to offer our little bit, and for that, we cannot thank you enough. On reflection, we are indeed humbled by the realisation that once again we have received so much more blessing from this experience than those we sought to help.

I am convinced that Tintswalo hospital and district can be developed into a model of healthcare with far-reaching effects, well beyond South Africa itself. Should this model inspire a new generation of John Gears, the consequences are unimaginable.

Without fear of exaggeration, we see a time when Tshemba and Tintswalo will be ideas rather than names.”


Dr WeakleY

Area of specialisation: Paediatric Dentistry

“This is an amazing experience and I would encourage doctors to come. Of course the lodge where you stay is beautiful and the people there are so friendly and helpful, but the experience of seeing how happy people are to see you and how grateful they are for your help, is something difficult to explain. It makes you humble to see how little these wonderful people are able to live with. Our lives are so complicated and hectic – this makes you realise that life is more than just work and the rat race. It is so incredibly satisfying to be able to make oneself available for this wonderful cause. I got back much more than what little I gave.”


DR Mantwa Mabotje

Area of specialisation:
Medicine and Surgery


Dr Mohammed and Huda

Area of specialisation:
Medicine and Surgery



Area of specialisation:
Educational Psychologist

Dr Mohlamme Mathabathe

Area of specialisation:
Public Health Medicine & Physician


DR Mojoie Hemelaar

Area of specialtise:


Dr Sherry Yao

Area of specialisation:
Child and Adolescent Psychiatry